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64 bit Solaris?

Disember 12, 2006

Use isainfo command to check if your solaris system running on 64bit or 32bit. For more information do a man on isainfo. Note Solaris 7 onwards is running on 64bit.

To check if your solaris box running on 64bit . . .
# isainfo -vk

More information here.


Veritas Volume Manager (Solaris)

Disember 8, 2006

Start Veritas Volume Manager (VVM) in GUI base

# cd /opt/VRTSvmsa/bin
# ./vmsa

If you have problem starting (VVM) GUI base,
# cd /etc/init.d
# ./vmsa-server stop
# ./vmsa-server start

From GUI base
1. Check the disk space on requested disk
2. Specify the volume name
3. Specify the mount point
4. Specify the size (value in M)
5. Enable large file system
6. Change the filesystem permission to appropriate owner


Change Date

November 2, 2006

This method applies to both Linux and Solaris system.

To change the date setting simply do this, date MMddhhmmyyyy. Note that MM represent month and mm represent minutes.
example: change date to 14-Nov-2006 at 1am

#date 111401002006


Download Sun Recommended patch

November 1, 2006

Affter the Solaris OS installation, it is recommended to install the appropriate patch. Download the patch below . . . 



November 1, 2006

sys-unconfig adalah satu command dimana ianya digunakan untuk meng-configure balik network information, ip-address, hostname, date, time, route, langguage, keberos.

Command ini memerlukan down time and boot. Command ini akan meng-delete semua information yang telah disebutkan diatas, dan anda kenalah bagi information yang baru.

Selepas meng-issues command ini, system akan di-shutdown ke OK prompt.


{}OK boot (type command boot untuk bring up balik system ini)

Selepas boot, ada text interactive menu, dimana anda kena lah isi information-information baru.


Enable telnet for root

November 1, 2006

Mudah ajer, tetapi ini memang tidak digalakan, sila baca “Enable root to SSH”

#vi /etc/default/login

find “CONSOLE=/dev/console” dan komen kan.

#wq! (save the file)

Sekarang cuba telnet guna root, mesti boleh punyer lah 🙂


Enable root to SSH

November 1, 2006

By default, root tidak dibenarkan untuk SSH ke Soalaris system. A good practice, kena ada satu user yang lain (normal user) kemudian su – root.

Untuk meng-enablekan SSH ke root . . .

#vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

find “PermitRootLogin no” change “no” to “yes”

#wq (save the file)

#/etc/init.d/sshd restart (restart sshd services)